Welcome to Cromarty Boat Club

There is evidence of leisure sailing and regattas taking place within the Cromarty Firth since the 1890’s

Newspaper articles also record regattas off Cromarty before and after the Second World War, with anecdotal evidence from elderly residents of the town that these were organised by Colonel Ross of Cromarty House.

In 1960 a club was formed in Cromarty and the organisation of sailing events then fell to the new club. For some unknown reason the sailing declined and by 1967 the decision was taken to disband the club.

However, there has been a successful Club since 1901, further up the Firth at Invergordon who continue to run the now famous Moray Firth Cruiser Race which has been a well attended event since 1973 proving that sailing was and is  still popular in the Firth.

In 1995 George Selvester decided to try forming another club in Cromarty, a letter was published in newspapers in and around Cromarty, inviting anyone interested in forming a new Club in Cromarty to attend a meeting at the Royal Hotel. The rest as they say is history.

1995: Letters to Press

1996: Cromarty Boat Club formally constituted

1999: Leases negotiated on Boat Park area and old lookout tower

2001: Boat Park compound officially opened

2003: Tower officially opened as clubhouse.

Since then CBC has enjoyed a period of consolidation and continues to plan for future successes.

New to sailing?

If you have never sailed and feel that you do not want to commit to joining in case you don’t like it, why not take an opportunity to try sailing (Free!). Many of our experienced skippers are sailing short handed on occasion and would welcome an extra pair of hands on board.

This is an ideal opportunity to get some experience and/or find out if sailing is indeed for you.

Now have a look at the rest of the site to see what the club does. check out the "Location of Club" on the map page. You will find members milling about generally on a Saturday. Say hallo and introduce yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, Sailing is NOT an elitist sport.

Cromarty Boat Club is committed to keeping sailing affordable to all, why not join us, with very low membership fees.

Contact any of the committee to get a warm welcome.

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