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Dear All --- 28 December 2020 --

I've just checked the public toilets here in Cromarty and they are open, today, anyway. Will keep an eye on them over the next few weeks and will let you know if that changes. In case you don't know, Cromarty public toilets are effectively behind the hotel. Go up the road (Bank Street), turn right after Sutor Creek takeaway and there they are on the right.

Please remember that the club toilets are closed; the water has been shut off and the system drained so they must not be used. The workshop is also out of bounds.

If you're coming to work in the compound, please remember to bring your own sanitiser spray to clean any surfaces you touch, to use the soap there to clean your hands and to take away any towels you've wiped your hands on.

Club Secretary

UPDATE on Coronavirus and facilities: 26 December 2020 :


from the Commodore:




You will no doubt have seen the recent changes announced by the Scottish Government relating to COVID, which come into effect on 26th December.


The implementation of these Level 4 restrictions means that, as a Club, we need to review the measures we will take to ensure compliance and adherence with these rules. To that effect, with effect from 00:01 on the 26th December, the following changes will be enforced:


•            The toilets will be closed and should not be used. The water will be switched off and drained down.

•            The workshop will also be closed and unavailable.

•            The compound will remain open, but please ensure you follow the basic precautions in terms of washing hands and cleaning surfaces. There is soap available in the compound.

•            Any member that has undertaken any travel out of the local area should NOT attend the compound or any of the club facilities for a period of 10 days following their return to the local area.


These measures will be in place until further notice and are being put in place to ensure the health and safety of all of our members. We all have our part to play in ensuring that as a club we continue to get through this pandemic COVID free and these small things make a difference.



Re-opening of club facilities   27 August 2020

The club committee has carried out a Risk Assessment in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and has decided it is safe to re-open the club toilets to members & visitors (and  the workshop to members), all provided everyone using these facilities follows the advice given here. This also applies to members using the compound. Please read this document [LINK below] before going anywhere near the compound, workshop or toilets. NB: the showers remain out of bounds; please do not attempt to use them.


Back in August 2020, I sent you the attached document detailing the necessary and mandatory anti-Covid-19 precautions which must be observed by all members when using club facilities (toilets, compound and workshop). Please follow the guidance in the attached document, making every possible effort to protect yourself and all other users (by hand-washing, surface-wiping, social-distancing, signing the book etc). This is for the protection, safety and reassurance of all.

In the light of the spread of the new and much more infectious Covid-19 variant and the consequent level 4 lockdown from 0001 on 26 December, the club committee is now considering what further action we need to take, if any. In the meantime, please follow the attached protocol.

Please read the attached document before going anywhere near the compound, workshop or toilets. NB: the showers remain out of bounds; please do not attempt to use them.  Also, the lock on the toilets door is not working, the toilets are not locked but the door is very stiff. We're hoping both lock and door will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

You don't want anyone else's bugs and they don't want yours!  

Any problems, please let me know. My mobile is 07769704523.

Regards to all



Cromarty Boat Club

Cromarty township lies near the entrance to the Cromarty Firth, heading very slightly West of the Moray Firth between the two 'Sutors', and is an excellent stopover if heading through the Caledonian Canal/Great Glen.

Cromarty Boat Club Clubhouse is the converted Seaplane Tower looking out over the harbour, below the 'NESS' on which stands Cromarty Lighthouse -- now unlighted.

During the summer you will see club members boats on moorings in the bay, and often sailing! -- during the winter many members will be in the secure boat compound adjacent to the harbour or the workshop.

We lift in and lift out with a hired crane each season. The club HQ in the watchtower has recently upgraded toilets, showers and washing machine.

If you are visiting by sea  --  and be aware of the strong tidal flow into and out of the harbour during spring tides, especially with a strong westerly wind  --  use of this excellent clubhouse facility is made available for boat crews with the key available from the Cromarty Harbour Master [0775 1244065/01381 600493]. The club also maintains 3 visitor moorings (marked with white buoys) available free for short term visitors, these are located adjacent to the west side of the harbour. 

The use of these moorings is at your own risk - but they are fully maintained.  Please also note that the harbour itself is operated by the Cromarty Harbour Trust.

 The Boat Club allows visiting boats to use our facilities, and members have  privileges for some use of the harbour, such as drop off/ pick up/ dinghy launching with no charge. 

Use of the harbour for other purposes requires payment in the normal way, and where this applies the Harbour Trust asks that  boats using the pontoon visitors berth pay the overnight fee (£20) by electronic payment whenever possible as it makes for better security and more straightforward admin. The Trust’s bank account details are as follows:

Royal Bank of Scotland    A/C No. 00125685  Sort Code: 83-18-01   -  Please include name of boat + date of visit (if space allows) as the reference.

If that isn’t convenient, the option of leaving payment in the Honesty Box at the pontoon gate continues to be available but please make sure the boat name & date of visit is included with the payment.

Cromarty Cinema [yes, we have one!] and small offices stand a little to the North of the Club Tower, next to Slaughterhouse Coffee at the top of the ferry slipway.

The Township of Cromarty is well worth a visit with beautiful historic buildings and a range of places to eat and drink.

New to boating ?

If you're unsure whether you'd like sailing or feel like trying again, why not take an opportunity to have a gentle sail with us? (Free!). Many of our experienced skippers would welcome an extra pair of hands on board.  Email annkmlloyd@gmail.com if you'd like to try.

This is an ideal opportunity to build up experience and/or find out if sailing is indeed for you.

Have a look at the rest of the site to see what the club does; check out the "Location of Club" on the map page. You will often find members working on their boats [of all types] on a Saturday. Say hello and introduce yourself.

Cromarty Boat Club is committed to keeping sailing affordable to all with very low membership fees so why not join us?

Club facilities such as moorings, winter storage etc are only available to active members of the club.

Contact any of the committee to get a warm welcome.

Download membership application here:



annkmlloyd@gmail.com  -- Secretary email address 

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