Welcome to Cromarty Boat Club

Cromarty Boat Club lies near the entrance to the Cromarty Firth in the village of Cromarty.  During the summer you will see club members boats on moorings in the bay, (and sometimes sailing!)  during the winter many of them will be in the compound adjacent to the harbour.  The club HQ is the watchtower you will see adjacent to the harbour, which includes recently upgraded toilets, showers and clothes washing facilities .

If you are visiting by sea, use of this club facility is made available for boat crews  with the key available from the Harbour Master.  The club also maintains 3 visitor moorings (marked with white buoys) available free for short term visitors, these are located adjacent the the west side of the harbour within the harbour limit.  The use of these moorings is at your own risk- but they are maintained.  Please also note that the harbour itself is operated by the Cromarty Harbour Trust.

The village of Cromarty is well worth a visit with historic buildings and a range of places to eat and drink.

New to boating ?

If you have never sailed and feel that you do not want to commit to joining in case you don’t like it, why not take an opportunity to try sailing (Free!). Many of our experienced skippers are sailing short handed on occasion and would welcome an extra pair of hands on board.

This is an ideal opportunity to get some experience and/or find out if sailing is indeed for you.

Now have a look at the rest of the site to see what the club does. check out the "Location of Club" on the map page. You will find members milling about generally on a Saturday. Say hello and introduce yourself.

Cromarty Boat Club is committed to keeping sailing affordable to all, why not join us, with very low membership fees. Please note that club facilities such as moorings, winter storage etc are only available to active members of the club.

Contact any of the committee to get a warm welcome.

Download membership application here:



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