The moorings in Cromarty Bay are administered and granted by the "Port of Cromarty Firth", however CBC manage them on their behalf.

There are certain criteria which MUST be met before a mooring permit is granted.

1. Mooring permit holder must be a member of Cromarty Boat Club

2. Mooring tackle used must meet the required specifications

3. Moored vessel must have a minumum £2m  third party marine cover 

Download  appropriate form for details.


Please also note that the structural and maintenance responsibilty for the mooring lies with the permit holder, and it is up to the permit holder to purchase and make up all of the parts above the ground chain to a professional standard as per the spec below; the Moorings Working Group is available to help/advise on this.  Please be aware of the lengths of strops, risers etc, as this has an impact on swinging space.  You can lease a mooring block from the club if one is available, and members of the club help each other to lay moorings in the bay prior to craning in during the spring. Work parties in the autumn also take place to take the tops/risers off moorings etc. for winter maintenance. Download Mooring Requirements doc from link above.


Applications and Mooring Spec downloads:

Mooring Requirements:      documents/moorings/cbc-mwg-mooring-requirementsrev3final-march2024.docx

Mooring Spec up to 30ft.    documents/moorings/cbc-moorings-spec.pdf

Application for mooring:     cbc_mwg_smallcraftmooringlicenceapplication_dec2022.docx

Mooring Block Lease:          documents/cbc-mwg-new-blockleaseapplicationrev1-apr20.docx


Click here for :                   Risk assessment for working on Mooring Barge    


All other enquiries regarding Mooring should be directed in the first instance to the Moorings Working Group:

e mail: Secretary@CromartyBoatClub.org FAO Moorings Working Group


Boat Parking in the Compound

Similar rules apply for boat parking in the compound and again the necessary forms can be downloaded.  Responsibility for the allocation of spaces lies with the club committee; applications should be sent to the Compound and Craning Working Group at Commodore@CromartyBoatClub.org.

Application and downloads:


Boat Parking Policy: documents/moorings/boat-parking-compound/boatparkingpolicy-sept2023_revised24Sep23.pdf

Boat Parking Charges: documents/moorings/boat-parking-compound/compoundchargesfrom1Oct2023.pdf

Boat Parking Application form:  documents/moorings/boat-parking-compound/boatparkingpermitapplicationform-oct2023.pdf


The Harbour

The harbour is operated by the Cromarty Harbour Trust. The Boat Club allows visiting boats to use its own facilities, and boat club members have  privileges for some use of the harbour, such as drop off/ pick up/ dinghy launching with no charge. Use of the harbour for other purposes requires payment to the Harbour Trust in the normal way, and where this applies the Harbour Trust asks that  boats using the pontoon visitors berth pay the overnight fee (£20) by electronic payment whenever possible as it makes for better security and more straightforward admin.    -  Please include name of boat + date of visit (if space allows) as the reference.

If that isn’t convenient, payment to the Harbour Trust for use of the harbour can be made via the Honesty Box at the pontoon gate continues to be available but please make sure the boat name & date of visit is included with the payment.

For full details of charges see :  http://s3.spanglefish.com/s/3168/documents/harbour-dues-model-v8-24feb17.pdf



Cromarty from the air
Cromarty from the air
This picture shows the harbour, the clubhouse tower, compound and moorings
The Moorings
The Moorings
It is not every day that they seem as tranquil as this!
Moorings Raft
Moorings Raft
This picture shows the moorings raft in use, it is manned by volunteer work parties under the guidance of committee members (Usually Robert)
Compound 2001
Compound 2001
This was the compound at the end of the season in its first year of use.
Compound 2014
Compound 2014
This panoramic view of the compound shows it as it is today, and the extension that was added a few years ago to house the mast rack at the NE end of compound
Clubhouse from the compound
Clubhouse from the compound
This picture taken from the compound shows the Clubhouse Tower. (Ignore the old relic in front of it!)
Clubhouse from Harbour front
Clubhouse from Harbour front
This shot shows the Tower from the front of the harbour, this lets you see the access stairs and gate.(not that ladder ! the gate where man is bending down !)
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